Welcome to Locatestreet
the random location game
Locatestreet is an online game designed to test your knowledge of the world's landscapes.

Q. How do I play Locatestreet?

To learn how to play the game, please see our How to Play page.

Q. Where do all of these street-level images and maps come from, and how does Locatestreet know where they are located?

Locatestreet uses the Google Maps API to retrieve street-level images and generate maps for use in the game. The other geographic data used in the game come from the Global Administrative Areas database, Zillow's release of neighborhood boundaries in the United States, OpenStreetMap, TIGER products produced by the United States Census Bureau, and INEGI. Locatestreet uses all of this data and some nifty algorithms to generate random points and to internally perform geocoding of these points to test their validity.

Q. Who develops Locatestreet?

Locatestreet is developed by geograf.io.

Q. How do I contact Locatestreet's developers?

Please feel free to send us an e-mail at locatestreet@geograf.io.

Q. I noticed a bug or a problem with Locatestreet. What should I do?

First of all, sorry to hear that you encountered a problem! Please contact us to report any issues you might encounter -- your help is much appreciated!

Q. Is playing Locatestreet free?

Yes, playing Locatestreet is and always will be free.

Q. Does Locatestreet track game scores?

Yes! If you earn a high score (one of the 250 highest scores), you'll be given the opportunity to add your name to the high scores list.

Q. How many countries, states/provinces, cities, etc. are available for Locatestreet games?

Everywhere Google Street View images exit, you can play Locatestreet. This includes over 40 countries and territories, over 860 first-level administrative divisions, over 22,500 second-level administrative divisions, and over 100,000 neighborhoods in thousands of cities worldwide. Locatestreet's developer maintains a large geographic database containing this geographic data, and contributions are welcomed!

Q. How are locations and images selected? Have the images been chosen in advance by the game's developer?

Because of the massive number of geographies and options available to the player, and because infinite re-playability was a goal in developing Locatestreet, the locations chosen by Locatestreet are not locations vetted by the application's developers. Locations are chosen algorithmically based on a large geographic database, and once an image is chosen, a nearby street-level image is selected the Google Maps API.

Q. I have a great idea for a thematic challenge, or I want to submit neighborhood boundaries for my city. How do I do this?

Contributions are much appreciated and will be added to Locatestreet very quickly. Please contact us if you would like to contribute.

Q. Does Locatestreet work with mobile devices?

Yes, though the user interface is a bit tight on smartphones! Locatestreet works very well with tablets -- in fact, if you are an iPad user, Locatestreet is designed to work as a web app. Simply add a bookmark of Locatestreet to your home screen to enjoy Locatestreet full-screen on your iPad!